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As little as 15 minutes a month to apply.

A lifetime to benefit.

2x - 5x beats the market since 2004
(independently real-time monitored by Financial Times
Award winning 3rd party company)

The potential rewards for using our system and approach are significant, despite numerous market crisis and turmoil. Alpesh's Value-Growth-Income + Momentum Strategy alone identifying Strong Buys has outperformed the market by up to 4x - and that's for UK stocks. For US, where the market tends to beat the UK by 2x - that means beating it by 8x. Think of it. When the market is up 8%, our picks are up over 32% per year.

Think what this can mean. Let's suppose you had $10,000 or £10,000 in the FTSE All Share since 2004. Then you would have around a mere £23,000 by 2020.

BUT if you had put the same 10k into Alpesh's Value-Growth-Income-Momentum Strategy with his most conservative picks (just one of his strategies) then you would have compounded to more than 132k now. One the US picks which tend to outperform the conservative picks you would have £1.2m (or $1.2m as a US investor).

The good news is that you can learn to apply all our Strategies... your own pace. your own home.

...with Alpesh overseeing you.

Our Great Investments Programme lets you do just that. The Programme shows you how to put the strategies into effect, or Alpesh do it for you, one engaging, interactive step at a time.

What You'll Get From this course

The Internet Investing Course/Programme & Mentoring for Life is based on years of real investing experience from one of the most renowned names in the investment world. You will have access to lifetime mentoring, software, educational updates, a private Telegram channel - ie instant messenger, access to Alpesh via WhatsApp and did we mention world class investing software.It is a living programme, updated with market opportunities as they happen often several times a day.

From the basics – such as how online investing works – through to stock picking techniques and managing risk, this course is an enlightening start for novices entering the investing arena and for more experienced hands who want a career in fund management.

Its accessible, user-friendly format and fun and crisp manner make it an enjoyable as well as essential tutorial in the art of Internet trading. The Course not only educates you in the strategies that will lead to your success but also provides the tools to carry them out with confidence and ease.

The course includes lots of documents and live investing examples and videos to show how to use online tools. It's like having an online investing expert over your shoulder.

TV BBC appearance Over 100,000 people around the world have bought my books and attended my trading courses. 300m view my paper review on the BBC.

PLUS I'll create custom videos on any area my subscribers need more explanation on - so it's a living course that builds more and more.

Learn fast - through lots of small videos you can learn quicker and so get on with investing and making money.

Praise for Our Investment Programmes

Hi Alpesh,

I just wanted to say thank you - I feel very privileged to be mentored by you through The Great Investments Programme. It truly is unique and I have learnt so much in just 1 month. Any scepticism I had prior to joining has totally disappeared. Your enthusiasm to teach is infectious and I genuinely feel that you are committed to your students. You’re a great teacher and through the telegram updates, loom videos, programme content, newsletter, emails and so on your passion for investing success shines through! Thank you.


Hi Alpesh,

Really glad I joined your programme early April because prior to this I was stock picking based on historic data. Since then I have learnt a lot and I appreciate how you have helped clean up my portfolio and I feel at ease.

I have almost generated £10,000 profit in about 10 weeks which I’m extremely pleased with. I would never have imagined this return so quickly. Thank you for providing this education and your time via prompt email replies, personalised video replies and zoom calls!

I am looking forward to giving back (£1000 to start off with) making a donation/ doing a small project. When you mentioned this on your video to promote giving back once we make returns I thought this would have taken at least 1 year but surprised it’s been just 10 weeks! So happy with your help and the results so far :) Have a lovely day! Thanks,


Fellow Investor,

I've been in the business of finding outperforming stocks since I was 12 years old and borrowed £100 from my aunt. I've invested in global companies from British to American to Indian and more. Some have been stupendous - Amazon and others have not worked out as planned.

My performance has made a real difference to the financial lives of my users and followers, and I want you to have the chance to experience this level of success in your portfolio first hand.

I limit numbers for two reasons. First, I oversee mentoring personally. Second, is to avoid artificially manipulating the markets when our confidential stock picks are released behind password protect Microsoft encrypted firewalls.

My mission: To provide picks to an inner circle of friends and associates who want the chance to make double digit gains in any market without using complicated high-risk maneuvers.

The results were so profitable, in an odd twist, had to limit membership to avoid causing mayhem in the markets and was invited by the then editor of the Financial Times to write my own column, and the Global Head of Bloomberg TV to have my own show there - and then my own hedge fund and private equity fund - which is how you probably found me as my CEO appearances on TV. Indeed the UK Government since 2004 to this day asks me to find high growth companies for it as one of Her Majesty's Government's Dealmakers.

My mission is to provide picks to an inner circle of friends and associates who want the chance to make double digit gains in any market without using complicated high-risk maneuvers.

Market turmoil has seen some of the best monthly performances and led investors to hunt for their biggest potential gains in a post-Covid world.

The performance figures you see below show how in the UK markets we beat the market 2x to 4x and what that means for your portfolio over time.

Thanks to our methods, investors have profited handsomely from stocks overlooked by banks and our conservative calculations mean we don't just 'spray and pray' - but wait and pick the best of the best of the best.

For example if you had invested a mere £10,000 in just the stocks closed out in the past 5 years, these are some of the strong returns you would have got:

  • £13,900 in Polymetal in 9 months
  • £20,000 in Dunelm in 12 months
  • £17,460 in Marshalls in 12 months
  • £28,613 in IMPAX in 12 months
  • £15,950 in Watkin Jones in 11 months
  • £14,830 in Arrow Global in 8 months
  • £21,000 in Taptica in 12 months
  • £17,330 in Waterman Group in 12 months
  • £16,710 in Clipper in 11 months

Of course not all our selections worked out. For example, we dropped Telecom plus with a loss of 0.3% and Macfarlane with loss of 10.3% and Abcam with a loss of 8.1%. That's why even with stinkers even our UK picks (our US and Global returns 2x the UK generally) we've generated 5x more than a FTSE tracker. (Independently verified in real time by Financial Times Wealth Management Award Winner - Ionic Information Ltd). And our US picks are even stronger (but so is their market).

In fact, I can't think of a better time to begin jumpstarting your portfolio with the kind of under–the–radar opportunities most investors may never even hear about until the biggest profits have already been made.

But I must caution you: Once these few openings are filled, this offer will be closed immediately.

My advice? When someone hands you the combination to the vault, the smart thing to do is take it.

We track 8,000 publicly-traded stocks searching for just 15-20 special ones I would entrust my son's inheritance to!

You'll get confidential reports with in-depth, timely research.

We screen each stock using ultra–conservative valuations. We look at cash flow, profit margins, book value, financial leverage, cost of capital, and other factors to determine the stock's real value and chance for growth—for the most cautious and prudent analysis.

Result: we significantly improve your potential for bigger returns.

You can manage your investments in about 15 minutes a month.

Alpesh Patel, LLB, MA (Oxon), AKC, FRSA, Barrister, Hedge Fund Manager

My advice? When someone hands you the combination to the vault, the smart thing to do is take it.


What's Included

Access to Alpesh Patel's Portfolio

Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Conference Calls/Webinars

Real-Time Investment Alerts every time Alpesh Buys or Sells

Analysis for Each Stock with a Rating Recommendation

Critical Market Insights & Strategies from the Biggest Global Banks like Goldman Sachs

Direct Access to Alpesh and the team in the Members-Only What'sApp and Comments Sections

Daily-Weekly Market Roundups & Analysis

Full Access to the Investments by Low, Medium, High Risk/Reward Stocks

Educational Course and Bonus Reports from UBS, Goldman Sachs, Cazenove & More

Unlimited Access to Alpesh's Core Holdings

Calendarise Call with Alpesh

Download Investment Data for Offline Review

What You Will Learn

  Daily Newsletter & Weekly Updates Newsletter
Available in days
days after you join
  Investing Unplugged Book by Alpesh Patel (normal price $50)
Available in days
days after you join
  Smarter Investment Book
Available in days
days after you join
  How To Pick Winning Shares Using Share Charts
Available in days
days after you join
  Trading For a Living
Available in days
days after you join
  Trading Pyschology
Available in days
days after you join
  Book: The World's Largest Hedge Fund CEO's Advice
Available in days
days after you join
  The 49 Rules of Wealth
Available in days
days after you join
  Worth Reading on Risk and Ambition
Available in days
days after you join
  The Importance of Fixed Income
Available in days
days after you join
  New Developments in Investing
Available in days
days after you join
  Inspiring People in Finance and Entrepreneurship
Available in days
days after you join

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme start and finish?
The programme starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course/programme and updated daily to weekly - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course/programme?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
How Do You Mentor?
You will have access to my calendar to schedule calls; you will get daily updates from me, we will email and video conference each other, and you will have access to me via WhatsApp (Instant messenger) and Telegram (broadcasting opportunities as we get them onto our phone/desktop), as well as to my team. I also provide you the investing online software and updates the course on going too for life. And you can come at meet me at my Mayfair offices too.


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