We solve your problem of not knowing what to buy, when to buy it and when to ditch it, by working with you and across all 10,000 stocks we monitor to educate you 1-2-1 so you can work out what fits for your goals.

Simple, quick, efficient, no confusion guarantee

To teach you, we share what we are holding, so you learn by looking over our shoulder too

You feel you don’t have enough ‘insider’ information. We access exclusive strategies and share them in simple language with you.

The Rich & Powerful Have a Monopoly on Information and Knowledge

All great fortunes derive from private information said Rothschild. We think that is unfair. As a hedge fund we see that information and we share the know how with you. Including where big money is investing, if it's appropriate for you and their research findings and often self-fulfilling predictions.

We solve your problem of having too much data by going through it all for you then explaining 1-2-1 what it means, so you can quickly, easily decide what decisions you should make and can double check them with us

Fund managers you trust too often let you down with poor performance and high fees, so we solve that problem by mentoring you and hand holding you to do it yourself. And we know you don’t have time, so we teach you fast, 1-2-1 by Zoom call.

Sometimes your problem is you don’t know what to do with so much information everywhere. People talking about software and algorithms and bombarding you with information.

So you do nothing and miss out.

We remove that problem why speaking to you 1-2-1 personally, so you learn fast and can execute fast.

We solve your problem of not having access to the best minds in the world, by sharing with you the information from the biggest banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, that crosses our desk. We then curate it, simplify it, and share only what’s important for you to know.

We solve your problem of not knowing what you should focus on by showing you simply what is important and making it easier for you to make decisions and explaining everything in simple English 1-2-1.


  • P/E
  • PEG
  • P/B
  • P/S
  • DCF


  • Sales
  • Earnings
  • Cash Flow


  • Dividends
  • Earnings


  • MACD
  • Trend
  • Stochastic
  • Chart Patterns
  • Media


  • Distribution
  • Variation
  • Correlation
  • Votality
  • Company size
  • Insider Buying
  • Outperformance

We solve your problem of financial goal setting by giving you tools for a simple process.

Total Savings

We solve your problem of being let down by fund managers by working with you as your coach/mentors to propel your know-how to make decisions yourself for results instead of hoping expensive fund managers will do the right thing.

We Give You The Information You Need, The Simple Process, Explain It All and Remain on Hand for 1-2-1 Calls to Teach You – So You Save Time & We Guarantee “No Confusion”


Scan Fast US, UK, Global ETFs

Monitor Infrequently

1 Screen

Not one stratergy

20 investments aprox you select

Programme – Software – Mentoring – Alerts- Lifetime

1. Evaluate Your Portfolio

A personal plan for your profit goals; number of investments, customized for you.

2. Suggestions for Goals

My team and I mentor you through the whole process, quickly and easily.

3.Get Your Holdings Right

My team and I help you get the holdings you feel are right using our tools and education

4. Track

We show you how to track your portfolio and share it with us

5. Online

Daily, Weekly Updates from Award Winning Sources

6. Returns

I Target and Share My Goals for My Investments (20% pa for low risk) to (100% pa for higher risk)

7. Lifetime

Access for Life to Me + All Tools

8. Exclusive Events

Online Regular Exclusive Webinars + In Person Events.