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How I Mentor

  • This is a living course - it is constantly updated in light of market moves, so you are looking over my shoulder and learning always
  • I believe in giving 10x value. If someone takes up the Programme, then I want them to be making a return of £100k to £1m depending on their capital over 10 years. We have people from £5k to $10m+ using the Programme to manage their own investments or double check what others are telling them. All investing is risky. But education in finance is not.
  • Equally, as my wife said, "I want to know about turning £1,000 into £3,000 in a year too" Fine. As long as we are aware that higher risk holdings means a greater possibility of missing our target in any given year, so allow for that.
  • Take another calculation: A typical investment fund manager charges in (hidden fees) 2% annually of the funds they manager. So you may in the course of a decade pay them £20,000 in fees. Or for my US students $20,000. And such fund managers are notoriously poor at beating the markets, let alone stellar performance. We are going to save all those fees by showing you how to be your own fund manager.
  • I have written in the Financial Times how sadly private investors trusting fund managers keep getting very poor returns (see image). Which is why this Programme is there to educate them to improve their returns.
  • Calls with me 1-2-1
  • Software I use, you use
  • I give specific strategies with risk levels. I am as specific as possible.
  • Other Premium Sources I subscribe to, I provide you my analysis from them eg Bloomberg
  • Access to reports from what major banks are telling their wealthiest clients eg Goldman Sachs
  • Dedicated Webinars
  • Private Premium Shares Telegram Channel so you can see what I am buying, what Warren Buffett is buying and other major investments
  • US, UK and all overseas stocks listed in US eg Chinese stocks in the US eg Alibaba analysed
  • Exchange Traded Funds covered eg oil, indices
  • Whats App direct access to me - instant messaging
  • Simple, Clear
  • Access to information from our extensive global network of information
  • My insights before the media such as BBC get them from me

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