Why a Hedge Fund Manager Does All This

People are sometimes skeptical why anyone gives anything (usually on a free email service like Gmail) or why if something is so good, it is advertised (as they write on their Apple iPhone).

The reasons we give our education is:

  • Actually it's all been paid for already. Having written 18 books on trading published by Financial Times, Wiley, MacMillan - the content we bring you here has already been paid for. And those books were written to raise our profile and build our credentials before the launch of our hedge fund. (In case you were wondering, even billionaires like Michael Bloomberg write books - usually for ego - we confess that was a motive). The education we provide has also been paid for by the investors in our hedge fund, by allowing us to do research and development and share it not only for their benefit but through our technology which we own.

  • We took a leaf out of the billionaire Jeff Bezos's book - he was a hedge fund manager, who spun out a technology company - Amazon - now the world's biggest company. We too realised our hedge fund had invested millions in our technology and a small proportion of it should be spun out, as the Google of Investing, and then to eventually, like Google and Amazon, take Venture Capital investment and eventually float/IPO it. Our training is part of our hedge fund plan to IPO the company. The future we believe is of such companies to be billion dollar companies.