How Much Should You Look to Make? Your Business Plan and A Return on This Programme

Bigger Money

  • Assume you plan to invest over 10 years
  • And you with my help make 20% pa (some years more, some maybe less) - nothing extravagant and nothing pessimistic.
  • Let's say you have 100k in a 401k/SIPP/ISA
  • You also plan to add 1.5k each month to your portfolio
  • Your will have over 1m by the end of 10 years
  • Even after taking off your contributions, my Programme cost is less than 0.5% of your total return - put another way, you get over 200x return on your investment into the Programme - more than any stock!

Modest Money

Let's assume you only have 10k to start with and plan to add 6k a year (divided equally each month). Then your return looks like this with my help if we expand to 15 years ie 0.5m:

Put another way...

In evaluating the return on my Programme you should consider this: let's say we manage to select a stock that's fallen from 100 to 50. Ie is 50% down. And let's say we conservatively forecast through analysis it will return to it's prior levels. And let's say to be abundantly cautious and conservative and not gambling or speculative, we allow ourselves 24 months over which this will happen and indeed are diversified so rather than just one stock divide our money across several.

Well, if you have a portfolio of around 20,000 then you've made the cost of the Programme up. Of course you will NOT have a portfolio of 20,000 for the rest of your life. So in fact, the Programme is a no-brainer. It just keeps giving. It's an annuity as Warren Buffet would say.

How is this possible? Because our costs are divided across many users, so each user does not bare our total costs. Simple.

Let me put it another way, when we tried to calculate value we thought of this too:

Our goal is to provide a 10x return on the cost of the Programme over 10 years if not sooner to everyone we work with.

This is done by looking over their shoulder, and they over ours on how to enhance their portfolio returns – so for instance adding 10k extra return in year one would compound over 10 years at 20% pa average market returns with our education/information to 60k. And adding 10k value to a portfolio each year for 10 years at a 20% return pa would compound to: 300k aprox value add. We try to make the lifetime price of the Programme therefore a no-brainer.

Plus, unlike fund managers, because you are your own fund manager there are no hidden annual charges to your portfolio. You're your own manager.

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