Typical Occupation Primary Reasons for joining Great Investments Programme Secondary Reason for Joining
20/30-Something Self-employed or Young Professional Want to get savings/pension or 401(k) or ISA on track and plan ahead for comfortable later life Alpesh Patel, founder, credentials The reviews (www.alpeshpatelreviews.com) Availability of Help from Alpesh and his Team
40-Something Entrepreneur/Dentist/Lawyer/Pharmacist or other Professional. Don’t have time to learn and manage myself. Need hand-holding. Let down by IFA, procrastination, fund managers. Want money working hard for you
50-Something Approaching Retirement Professional or Business Owner Don’t have time to manage myself. Need hand-holding. Let down by financial advisor, own procrastination, fund managers. Fear have left late, need to catch up fast
60/70-Something Retired Want to leave for children/grand-children. Make sure everything on track. Have ample time to spend time learning. Had mixed results in past so want to get it right.